Laine Brimble is slipping between two lives. Her life at home in present-day, Australia, and the life of a nobleman’s daughter living in 19th century England’s Remhurst Manor.

Until now Laine was able to keep her two lives separate (and secret). But, Laine is about to find out that – though centuries past and oceans over –
Remhurst’s mysterious history is about to get a lot closer to her than she expected; a dark presence has arrived in her hometown, seeking to settle a centuries-old vendetta.

Between home and school and the 19th century (not to mention a blossoming relationship with new-boy-in-town, David Laslett) Laine struggles to keep past and present on parallel paths … but it seems as if they are on a collision course where the inevitable outcome is death.

…will Laine unearth the mysteries lying in the grounds of Remhurst Manor? Can she be the one to finally put Remhurst's past behind it? Can she do it before a deadly history repeats itself?

There is a mystery that lies in the grounds of Remhurst Manor ... 
                       a mystery concerning the unsolved 
19th century murders

                                                                      of four teenagers ...